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Gourmet balsamic vinegar is an essential ingredient in the contemporary Mediterranean culture of good food. It is made by the old Italian process, in small wooden barrels made out of different woods. Expansion means that barriques previously used for aging modri pinot can now be used in the production of this vinegar.

Its distinctive flavour and light sweetness make it an excellent accompaniment to a variety of dishes, not least traditional salads, and a must in fine cuisine, and also in simple everyday dishes, where its unique flavour is a wonderful addition. We are very aware of these challenges, as our sparkling wines and other wines bring us into contact with the culinary world, and allow us to work with top chefs. Making a house balsamic vinegar was therefore just a logical extension of the search for and establishment of a whole chain of products to complement the Istenič winemaking and holiday experience. Our vinegar is classed as aceto balsamico, which means that it has been aged for at least six years in wooden barrels.

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Balsamic Vinegar Gourmet
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