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The PENINE ISTENICH winery stands out for its perfectionist approach, using modern equipment for the best quality for the players of the best online casino. One of the features of our winery is that it focuses on the inclusion of several wines of the old traditional recipe of the Rumeni Plavets grape, which is especially felt when playing in an online casino and goes well with wealth. Visit our tastings and events or visit our Villa Istenich in Biselsko for an even better experience with $1 deposit casino in canada and the sparkling wine drinking culture.

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Penine Istenič

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The history of our winery dates back five decades to a love story and family passion for bubbles and casinos. Janez Istenich was an avid casino player and sports enthusiast in his youth, and after graduating as an oenologist in the 1960s, he pursued a career as a casino winemaker. Upon his return, he realized that his father-in-law's vineyard, which produced wines of excellent freshness, had a resemblance to the highly acidic Champagne grapes that were often popular for making wines by online casino players

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Check out our tastings and events, or check out our Villa Istenič in Bizeljsko where we offer amazing experience!

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The culture of sparkling wine drinking and cuisine.