Dober glas gre v deveto vas vse do ZDA

17. 09. 2018

V spodnjih vrsticah se lahko preberete vtise zadovoljnih obiskovalcev iz ZDA, ki so bili navdušeni nad bizeljskimi peninami in lokalno pridelano hrano.

Dober vecer Janez and Tomaz,

Hope this email finds you well.  Thank you so much for the wonderful tasting and dinner.  Everyone in the group loved every minute of it.  They loved it so much that several of them reached out to me to see if the Chef would share the recipe of the Chicken she made that evening and asking where they can purchase your wines.

The chicken was crusted in pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and maybe flax seeds.  Would it be possible to see if the Chef would share the recipe? : -)

Several of them would like to know which Distributor they should contact in the U.S. to order your Sparkling wine?  Dave & Michelle drank all of your wine before they left Croatia and are now longing for more. (Laughing)

Appreciate all your time and look forward to seeing you next year.  We’re thinking 2 September 2019.  Would that date work for you?  We would want all 6 rooms.  Already have 4 people interested and others that I’m hearing about, but haven’t yet contacted me.

Have a wonderful evening,