Carioca Sprizz

It is an exotic summer refreshment

Carioca Sprizz is wine cocktail made ​​of white sparkling wine, natural flavors of mango, coconut, acai berries, limes, water and sugar and has the addition of a substance to maintain opacity colored with food dye. Cooled to 6 stopnij or by adding a few ice cubes, it is an ideal refreshment for lovers of exotic flavors.

white sparkling wine, natural aroma of mango, coconut, acai berries, lime, water and sugar
Alcohol content:
6,5% vol.
Soil composition:
Dystric brown soil, on Pliocene or Quaternary clay and loam, 60% leached pseudogley, inclined, dystric, shallow, 40% medium deep
Serving suggestion:
serve in a larger glass of wine with a few ice cubes and a slice of lime.
Carioca Sprizz