Rumeni Muškat

As the name suggests, it is made from the noblest of the muscat grapes, with a typical muscat bouquet.

An excellent aperitif, it also goes well with spicy foods and fruit desserts.

100% rumeni muškat
Alcohol content:
12.5% Vol
Soil composition:
Dystric brown soil, on Pliocene or Quaternary clay and loam, 60% leached pseudogley, inclined, dystric, shallow, 40% medium deep
Serving suggestion:
Alongside spicy dishes, desserts and fresh fruit. Serve at 4°C to 6°C
Rumeni Muškat


  • Finger Lakes International Wine Competition- bronze medal (2013)
  • Fair Gornja Radgona - champion (2012)
  • Fair Ljubljana - Desirée Rumeni muškat 2007 - gold medal (2009)
  • Fair Gornja Radgona - Desirée Rumeni muškat 2007 - gold medal (2009)